Your favorite blogger Edgar Obare was earlier today arrested (kidnapped) at Kiambu Law Courts.

News of his arrest was shared by his fellow blogger, Xtian Dela.

So Edgar Obare had just informed his fans that he would be out of the office today. Because he was attending a hearing of a case against him.

Through his instastories, Xtian announced the plight of Edgar as he called upon netizens to help locate him.

Xtian went ahead to share a screenshot of a conversation a fan had with Edgar Obare. So the unidentified fan had previously messaged his teaness telling him that he was in danger because he has very powerful enemies.

Some people have been meeting for you and they have your the DM in part.

It is still unclear under what circumstances Edgar was arrested since the DCI officers in charge of the case admitted that they don’t know where he is or who arrested him.

Recent update on Edgar Obare

The recent post on Edgar Obare’s Instagram shows that Edgar might have been kidnapped.

What we know so far is that men identifying themselves as police officers KIDNAPPED Edgar outside the Kiambu Law Courts in front of his lawyer. His phone confiscated and he still hasn’t been accorded any of his rights! His whereabouts still unknown, DCI cyber crimes unit have denied their involvement, the complainant of today’s case was never seen in court.

read the post in part

We hope that Edgar is safe and we believe that he will be back soonest to serve us tea!

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Long as he comes back in one place!

Last edited 9 months ago by Kiki

Report to Non Governmental Human rights Groups and UN. This is a human right violation damn Kenya is going to shit yaani even celebrity bloggers are being kidnapped for forwarding messages he receives.

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