Gospel singer Betty Bayo has finally unveiled her new man’s face as they celebrate two years of being together.

Sometime last year, pictures of Betty Bayo’s engagement were doing rounds on social media.

The event was only attended by her close friends and family. And as she shared photos of her rocking her engagement ring she wrote: “at the right time, I the Lord, will make everything beautiful...”

Betty had separated from her husband the controversial preacher Pastor Kanyari. And they had two children together. The singer was single or so I think until she finally met her knight in shinning armor.

Taking to social media, Betty has gushed over her man, Tash, saying that it has been two years since they became friends and the rest is history.

She has thanked him for the love and respect he showers both her and her kids. And she has joked about not have to worry about his past since she knows all his exes. has been 2yrs since we met each other and became good frds,what led there after no one can explain it.i had to take time to get to know you better .what really inspired me was how you feared God ,respected me and the love you showed towards me and the kids .i know your past wont come as a surprise, atleast i know all your exes🤣🤣. youre my answered prayer.. my LOVE I know your not perfect and that makes the two of us love.

Congratulations to Betty.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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I don’t know betty but I know this dude on a personal level. She has no idea who she’s dealing with. She’s gonna have to keep the money flowing or else it’s kaput.

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