Not Bensoul singing Nairobii and then reenacting the lyrics. In news that has shocked netizens, the singer admitted that he cheated on his long time girlfriend Noni Gathoni and knocked up a random girl.

A fan reached out to distinguished blogger Edgar Obare to reveal that Bensoul was expecting a child with another lady. As usual, Edgar demanded for evidence to back up the allegations but the lady had none to offer.

She, however, sounded sure and disclosed that she has seen the singer hanging around their apartment with the pregnant lady. A moment later she sent a picture of Bensoul hanging out with the family of the impregnated girl. The picture is said to have been taken when Ben met her folks to discuss the way forward.

It is true

The tea master reached out to the said lady to hear her side of the story. She affirmed that she is indeed expectant. And that Bensoul has been nothing but supportive through it all.

Hey Edgar, it is true I’m pregnant. But He has been good to me considering the circumstances. We didn’t plan any of this. He was never going to hide the fact that he will be a father. Said the lady.


The unidentified lady however made it known that she was in a bad place mentally. Because the pregnancy took a toll on her. She revealed that she was depressed and had even attempted suicide early this year.

The young lady went on to add that she did not intend news of her pregnancy to come out through the blogs. But it was already too late. She was seemingly reluctant to give us tea on the same.

It’s a mistake- Bensoul

After an uneventful conversation with the mother-to-be, Edgar reached out to Bensoul for his side of the story. The Nairobi hitmaker affirmed that he was indeed going to be a father.

Hey Edgar, it’s true. A mistake I did on my part and my people know I have been doing everything I can to be there for the unborn child. Admitted the singer.

Ben revealed that he was going to publicize the story. But unlucky for him because the teamaster is always a step ahead.


Bensoul disclosed that his family and close friends know about the pregnancy. And it was only a matter of time before he disclosed the news to his fans.

To the shock of netizens, the singer revealed that his lover, Noni Gathoni was aware of the pregnancy. My girlfriend did not take it easy either, it took a toll on her. But I’m grateful that she is a very caring and understanding person. Said papa soul.

Ben went ahead to gush over his girlfriend. She is my life partner. And she puts us first despite all this. I was gonna publicly apologize to her. I’m forever indebted to her, she really holds me down. Cried Soul.

Been and Gathoni

Gathoni’s reaction

On her end, Gathoni pulled down all of her pictures with her cheating boyfriend. She uploaded posts on heartbreak on her Instagram stories as she urged her fans to ‘ask her question.’

She however responded to the questions privately. One of her fans told her that she had reached out to her to inform her of Bensoul’s cheating habits. She apologized for ignoring the messages while the fan went on to inform her of her boyfriend.

I asked him about you and he said he was gonna leave you coz he was tired of the relationship…he sleeps around without protection…that man would have brought you HIV! Cried the fan

What are your thoughts on this Bensoul Saga?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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