Dear Ben Ham

As much as I am not one to get in on religious issues

It’s abit too ugly after that stunt you just pulled.

I just had to put it out there,

Anyway… for those not in the know.

Those in the know no

Those who know not

The know no-ers?


Not working?

I should quit tying myself up in these..

….These situations

… Knotty nots it you may,



This cup ryhere just happens to be brewed in the land of the Kilimanjaro?

You already know it’s Ben Pol so I’ll just cut to it.

So Ben Pol and Arnelisa made their way onto this site for the first time I think around June?

(I’ll just pretend to have a good memory for once and assume I didn’t check the date to the story)

Which you can read here btw.


Back to the story

Sooo Obare’s Tea Pickers caught up with them having a secret wedding

and lemme give it to you, whew!

That wedding was dope.

Dear future human… Do not watch that shit and get ideas).

Happily ever after,


Not quite…

The Ben Pol story gets interesting.

So Ben guy over here had a rough one lately with his new wife, Arnelisa

And we might just know the reason why.

You see, there have been ALOT of rumors about the two breaking up in the recent past

lemme see,

Like the time Arnelisa posted a video of them at Tz,

Or the other time Ben Pol was doing some weird stuff in Instagram Live.

Taken notes?



So after all that Ben decides that no,

“We need to go higher.”

Barely months into his wedding he drops the mother or all bombs…

…Along with his name , obviously.

Goodbye Benard Paul,

Hello BenHam Paul?

(I know… Don’t say it)

Mans just upped and converted to Islam.

So many questions …

What about Arnelisa?

I mean did two you talk about this?

Is she converting as well?


There’s kids?

I could just be overreacting here.

Like I do on every other freaking post lol

I wrote all this because a man decided to change a part of his name from “Ard” to “Ham”.

Wait till he changes his freaking shoe size.

You see,

Normally I poke fun,

Laugh around at anyone and anything including myself.

And I don’t put alot of feeling into these.

But BenHam,

You done fucked up on a good woman.

That’s for sure

And Arnelisa?

My udaku plug told me to tell you haamini hukuenda surgery.

I garra go.

Baba Mboga is my name,

My Insta is forever lame.

Go check me out…something that rhymes with ame.



Y’all need to watch this.

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