Gospel singer Bahati surprises his wife Diana with a new car.

Seems like car gifting is the new gifting trend these days. Every other couple is going out of their way to surprise their loved ones with the cars of their dreams.

About three years ago, Simon kabu of Bonfire Adventures left netizens tongue-tied when he surprised his wife Sarah Kabu with a new Range Rover.

A few weeks ago, Milly waJesus of the Wajesus family surprised her husband with a new Audi. The couple nearly blew up the internet with their numerous surprises during Kabi’s birthday celebration.

And now Bahati did it! Bahati and his wife Diana have been together for five years. Their marriage has been filled with so much trolling, as netizens feel that Diana is too old for Bahati.

As a sign of celebration of the five years, Bahati has gone out of his way to surprise his wife with numerous gifts. Among them being a helicopter ride, her first, a new phone she always desired, a dinner date, and finally a brand new Mercedes Benz ML 350 AMG.

Bahati’s confession

In a very emotional video seen on Bahati’s YouTube channel, the singer unveiled his last gift at Kasarani Stadium. An emotional Bahati breaks down as he gives a speech of confession of how an outstanding wife and partner Diana has been.

I appreciate everything you have been doing as my wife and mother to my kids…for the last five years you have been a strong woman…you’ve gone through a lot…

Said emotional Bahati

Diana, on the other hand, could not retain her tears once she is unfolded. And it gets tearier when she realizes what car it is.

I hope more celebrities are willing to take up the car challenge.

Watch video below

Unlike Bahati, Kabi Wa Jesus returns his gift car

As mentioned earlier, Kabi Wajesus was gifted a new Audi by his wife on his 30th birthday.

Surprisingly, Kabi has returned the car to the dealers claiming that it is too low for Kenyan roads.

I wanted this car coz it is so classy, low, looking so fresh and clean…After driving it for a few days, I’m like, wah it is so low! It’s not easy to drive on our road… So I’m thinking we add the one million bob and upgrade to a bigger car the Audi Q5…

says Kabi in part

The couple went ahead to ask their fans to offer their thoughts on the same.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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