By Wanjiru Mbaru

Babu Owino threatens to sue The Nation Media Group for airing and publishing DJ Evolve’s story.

Babu Owino is demanding a public apology claiming he was defamed.

So this threat has come barely three days after emotions ran high on social media after DJ Evolve’s story was revealed.

If you were left out, DJ Evolve was shot on 17th January this year by Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino. The cause of the shooting remains unknown. NTV aired the current state of DJ Evolve on June 30th. Read the DJ evolve’s new way of life story here.

Who is telling the truth?

In the interview, Dj Evolve’s mother admits that Babu paid part of the bill but she has never seen him. Recently, the father came out to praise Babu calling him a good guy. Because he pays the bills and also provided the nurses and medicine.

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“I think Babu Owino is a good guy even though we have not met, ” he says. He goes ahead to condemn NTV for airing his son’s story saying it is making him feel bad. So his speech has left netizens surprised and confused, wondering whether Babu paid him or threatened him.

We can not arrest Babu Owino…

A lot has been happening in and around the DJ Evolve-Babu Owino story. Kenyans, for example, have expressed their anger on all social media platforms. To the extent of requesting that Babu should be arrested. However, the DPP, Noordin Haji said that only Embakasi East residents could initiate the process of recalling Babu. Speaking to the media at the Supreme Court, he said;

so people are saying we arrest him. we can not arrest. he is out on bail enjoying his right. remember we wrote to the chief justice to complain about this unusual bail term that the court came with.

Babu Owino is out of remand after having been granted a bail of 10 million shillings. But the bill was to be paid in installments, something that appears bizarre to Kenyans.

When NTV aired DJ Evolve’s story about his condition, Kenyans anger was raised. It seems Babu Owino’s anger was raised too as he is now demanding an apology.

The threat

Babu Owino wrote to the General Manager Nation Media Group. Through Okatch and Partners Advocates referring to the DJ Evolve story as defamatory.

part of the letter

Babu Owino in the letter has demanded that the Nation Media Group publishes withdrawals of the announcements on the newspaper and pages where the words appeared.

He goes ahead to demand that NTV runs a public apology during the news accompanied by a written apology for defaming him.

page 2 of the letter

The Embakasi East MP has given the Nation Media Group a maximum of two days to deliver the apology. And admit liability for the slanderous libelous statements. As a result, Babu and his lawyers shall proceed to address the media house on damages.

The letter also implies that this was not the first time the media has tried to turn the public against Babu Owino indicating other incidences as seen in the letter above.

According to Babu Owino and his lawyers, the media house has incited Kenyans against him yet DJ Evolve has not even recorded a statement against him.

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3 years ago

This is the Kenya we live in. Lord have mercy on us all

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