Azziad Nasenya has managed to constantly be the talk of town.

It is evident now that her star will keep on shining. Because wow!

Azziad has been rising to fame and prosperity at an alarming rate.

Just recently, she managed to get a role on the popular TV show, Selina. She also features in a recently announced cooking show which she hosts besides comedian Mulamwa. Not to mention also co-hosting a live concert show dubbed concert Nyumbani which airs on nine television stations.

Azziad rate card

With the rising number of followers that the twenty-year-old influencer has garnered, she’s now making fortunes from it. Azziad’s rate card has gone viral and people can not stop talking about it.

the rate card
Azziad 2020 rates
Azziad 2020 rates

For clarity purposes, if a brand engages her to promote their product the charges are as follows;

  • Tiktok- one video- ksh 100,000, for a live video – ksh 50,000
  • Instagram- One post on her feed-Sh 100,000, for an instastory post- sh 50,000 and for a live video sh 50,000.
  • Twitter- for one tweet sh 50,000.
  • Facebook- for a post sh 100,000 and ah 50,000 for a live video.
  • Youtube- sh 100,000 for a video, sh 50,000 for placement, and sh 50,000 for a mention.

For weekly engagements, the package is quarter a million and half a million for monthly engagements.

Kenyans on Twitter are mad

As the adage goes not everyone will be happy for you. Certainly, not everybody is excited about her accomplishments. Her rate card has stirred mixed reactions. Because some Kenyans on Twitter have gone crazy about it claiming that she is being arrogant and misusing her fame.

While others felt that she deserves everything good coming her way. And if possible she should raise the rates higher.

Below are some of the reactions from netizens:

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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