Today we’re talking about Jowie

As usual, it’s me Baba Mboga

And here’s the story.

First we had Pozee,

Then Bahati

DNG who got saved… and backslid…. and got saved… Guess what he did next?

Idk about you but it pretty looks like the zigzag line is complete when you resort to wife beating instead of prayer.

Read the story here

Scoreline ya Mungu na Sheto kwa roho yake ni 2-2 lakini sitashanga ikifika over 5.5

If you know you know.

But enehu,

The gospel industry is losing artistes faster than we can count

Mmesahau pia mtoto wa Diana alitoka gospel to go make us this trashy ass music.

You should have stuck to writing baruas bruv.

Damn shame.

Back to the dramatic Jowie narration…

In the midst of a pandemic,

A huge gap was left to fill.

A man stepped up to kill.

A man fresh behind prison bars decided to drop more than soap bars and opted to drop gospel truth bars

And no, he’s not signed into Konvict music.

But we can only say he was the accused and,

He’s not a bird he’s not a plane

He’s Jowie but Joseph Irungu is his name.

Nisiskie mkisema I don’t support Kenyan music na pia mi ni msanii.

Anyhu, Jowie is rumored to join the gospel music industry after a teaser of a music video he features in was shared on his Instagram page.

The song is titled “Nishikilie” and is set for release on 19/8/2020.

Don’t believe me?

Check it out and tell me what you think…

Ebu acheni niende.

I have a COD Mobile match with some Vanguardian later.

Although you can follow me on Instagram for updates on all my stories.


Alafu si mtu asalimie Tony “Smitta” Mochama.

I look up to you man.

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