By Teabag

“We thought of life by analogy with a journey… with a pilgrimage… which had a serious purpose at that end and the thing was to get to that end.
Success or whatever it is or maybe Heaven after you’re dead.

But we missed the point the whole way along…
It was a musical thing and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the the music was being played.”

-Alan Watts, British Philosopher.


We started on that note…

Cue you with the “Sasa hizi ndio gani sasa Teabag.”

But hey….

Take all my writing with a grain of salt.

I’m just your normie writer putting his thoughts out on a site.

Nothing I say is important.

Let’s get to it with some introductory analogy on Greek mythology, shall we?

The punishment of Tantalus.

The guy you see up there is called Tantalus.

He’s in a place called Tartarus (The Greek place of punishment…think of it as our hell?).

How he got there isn’t really important….

(He fed his son to the gods and they found out)


Now his punishment had him always in a state of need you see..

He was placed with water up to his chin and fruits just above his reach.

Whenever he reached up to grab fruit the wind would always push it just out of his reach.

When he tried to go down to drink the water, the water in the lake he was in would always go down so he was never able to drink from it.

Welcome to the rat race… you’re probably not in it.

I mean you probably didn’t go to Kindergarten and fight to make it up to Primary school and no,

You didn’t worry about merit in exams or KCPE.

And got through with that and got into secondary where things were a little bit harder and people a little bit smarter,

You didn’t look at books or extend night preps trying to grasp content you didn’t like for an exam you didn’t like more in the hopes of impressing your peers and probably parents,


You didn’t get past that dreaded KCSE exam only to get to campus where you didn’t know what to do with your life but just did it anyway because the government/ parents paid for most of it and because your peers also did it and you so you kinda just went along with it.

No… you didn’t get lost in all the noise using sex and alcohol as a distraction from the real issues you were probably facing,

Subsequently incurring massive loads of debt in the process for a piece of paper that you probably have framed up somewhere in your/your parents living room.

Oh… you (didn’t) get a job?

You (didn’t) see the highlights of your classmates lives on social media and tried to live outside your means?

You (didn’t) see happiness at the next thousand, at the next million or worse,

The next step higher the career ladder?

Doing a job you didn’t like with people you also didn’t like waiting for your big break?

You didn’t validate yourself based on a broken societies expectations of success?

Surely… you wouldn’t do that.

Because that would be dumb… right?

And you’re not dumb.


If this is you you probably don’t need this so ummh…


If this is you however… read on.

Let’s figure out this little thing called life together.

And remember….

Let’s break out of the rat race in part two.

See you soon.

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