Annita Raey has for the first time opened up on how her life has been since she quit radio.

In October last year, Annita hang her work boots at RMS.

During her exit, Raey noted that resigning was the best decision she ever made in her thirty years. And she accrued it to dealing with toxic bosses. See article.

Six months down the line and Annita has finally opened up about how it has been to survive jobless.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

I left work in October. I have no idea how I have survived, to be honest. But God is grateful I have never slept hungry.

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She has gone ahead to explain that life has been so hard she can’t even put it into words. Yaani it’s been hard hata siwezi explain.

Annita has however congratulated herself for not sliding back into depression. Since when she resigned she categorically stated that she was choosing her sanity.

I chose my mental health and I have kept it.

However, Annita says, she feels at the edge. And she is almost losing it.

…But since 4 am I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t breathe well. I have been having panic and anxiety attacks for the last two weeks.

I need help-Annita

Annita has laid herself bare for her fans and declared that she need help. And inasmuch as she doesn’t know where to start since she’s always the one removing others, she really needs it.

The radio girl has openly said that she needs a job. And even praised herself as a good content creator. She therefore looks forward to have a production house hire her.

Asking for help is hard. Anyway, I need a job. I’m bloody good at content creation. And I have content. A production house would be a blessing.

Annita has concluded by reminding her fans to check up on each other. Since most people are drowning in smiles and laughter.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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