It has become incredibly hard to tell it when Anerlisa is clout chasing or telling the truth.

A few months ago she was all lovey dovey. And went head to include her husband’s name in her bio. A couple of weeks later she removed the name, unfollowed him and even deactivated her Instagram account.

When Anerlisa resurfaced, she talked about pregnancy and gave visible signs about the same.

In fact, she posted a short video showing off her protruding belly.

Well, turns out she wasn’t exactly pregnant. Because in all her recent pictures she looks flat and clean as linen. She must have been overly bloated or swallowed a football.

Recently rumors have been going around that the Keroche Breweries heiress broke up with her Tanzanian hubby, Benpol.

As a result, rumors said, Benpol had filed for divorce.

Anerlisa in an attempt to silence the naysayers has hinted that she is in Tanzania, where her hubby comes from.

She took to her Instagram to talk about how Swahili in Tanzania and Kenya is different.

I walk around with a Kamusi when here.

To support her statement, she went ahead to post pictures with a traveling suitcase and captioned what are the courts saying?

But whether or not Anerlisa is in Tanzania for sure, we can’t really tell based on her cumulative kiki games.

On his part, Benpol has not expressed much about the state of their marriage.

So it’s not clear if Anerlisa is taking her fans for a ride which she clearly enjoys or things are really bad in their marriage which is barely one year old.

What do you think about them?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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