Amber Ray’s newest boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo recently bdenied being a deadbeat dad.

Speaking exclusively to Edgar Obare, a source claimed that the eligible bachelor was broke and only parading as rich for the social media.

The source alleged that Rapudo had several children with different women. And as if that as not bad enough, the young man is said to have run away from his fatherly duties.

...he is a deadbeatdad, and has two baby mamas.

The source went ahead and shared pictures of Rapudo and his baby mama at baby bump photo shoot.

Rapudo and baby mama

The alleged baby mama, later on, reached out to Edgar Obare to share her side of the story. If I start talking about Rapudo, you will postpone the elections! She had claimed.

She went on to claim that she would rather not disclose more. Because her son would eventually grow up and discover all the deets. She added that her son was already being bullied at school because of his father and she did not like it. ‘We saw your dad on the gossip column’ is what the kids would tell her son.

Despite the tea master trying to gather more information, the lady appeared adamant only taking him in circles. ‘Fatherhood is more about being a role model and not littering baby mamas’ houses with carcinogenic toys!’ she alleged.

Rapudo responds

Tea master reached out to Rapudo for a comment on the allegations. The new boyfriend in town rubbished the claims that he was a deadbeat dad.

This story is dead on arrival! Th fact remains that I’m a responsible dad. He said. He went on to count all that he does for the children. ‘I pay full school fees, annual medical cover, monthly upkeep and so much more!’

The father of two maintained that he has never at any one point absconded his duties as a father.

He argued that the allegations were far-fetched because the woman knew that he is indeed a good father.

So as if to prove that he is actually a good father, Rapudo shared pictures of him hanging out with his two kids. And a video of him buying toys worth over 100k.

Rapudo and his kids

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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