More women have recently come out to share their abuse stories in an attempt to raise awareness of the pandemic of Gender-based Violence.

Recently, the famous Usikimye founder, Njeri Wa Migwi opened up about her past marriage where she was abused both physically and mentally by her husband.

Former actress Idah Alisha also recently opened up on her plight after being married at twenty-one years old.

I was 21. I was out of my mind if you ask me. If I’m being true to myself, I remember there was a voice at the back of my mind telling me I shouldn’t take that step. I knew him for a year before we got married, she said in part.

Idah claimed that having been brought up in an abusive home got her bonding with her husband who had been through a similar upbringing. “I think we had trauma bonding because he would tell me how his dad was abusive, and I related with him where my dad was the same.”

She revealed that the man would get physical to a point of strangling her and spitting on her. “It got to a point he would strangle me, threaten to beat me some more and even spit on me. It got so bad but I would not tell anybody,”

One day I had had enough and I ran away from our home. I never looked back. I left everything I owned and returned to my mother’s house. She said that was how she left.



Rtiring socialite Amber Ray who has never revealed the identity of her baby daddy has finally shed light on the nature of their relationship. In an interview with Obinna, Amber said that she has been in a series of toxic relationships.
But her first love was the worst.

She disclosed that they lived in the same hood so falling in love came easily. We were neighbors and we fell in love and got a baby together. We were living together like ‘Beyonce and Jay Z’. Our love was match made in heaven. He was handsome and I am beautiful. We used to walk holding hands.”

She however disclosed that the father of her child changed soon after birth. He got a better-paying job and started cheating on her. “We were both hustlers and after I got the baby, he got a good a serious job and he started cheating.


Amber recalled one instance when the man poured cold water on her bed while her eight-year-old son was sleeping. The reason is, that when he had gotten back to the house at midnight, the owner refused to open the gate.

“He used to lock the door and could not give anyone key. He was outside and he came at midnight and called me to open the gate for him, the landlord refused to open the gate, when he got money, sio pesa mingi.

I told him the landlord had refused to open and so he went back to wherever he went. When he came back at 6 am, I was in bed with my baby, my son was like 8 months, he fetched cold water and poured it on the bed where we were sleeping.”

Amber added that she decided to walk out when the man beat her like a dog and her ten-year-old brother saved her.


What advise would you give women who go though abuse?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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