Ali Kiba’s wife Amina Khalef has filed for divorce in Mombasa Kadhi Court after three years of marriage. Amina cited stress and neglect as the main reason she wants to dissolve the marriage.

Ali and Amina tied the knot in a colorful wedding under Islamic law in April 2018. The two proceeded to live together in Dar es Salaam.

Amina got her first child in 2019 and she is currently expecting her second born.

KIba and his child


She had said that the living arrangement at Kiba’s home was not conducive for her mind as she was preggers at the time.

She said that Kiba failed and neglected to address the living arrangements which had become stressful for her. There was constant conflict between   her and Kiba’s relatives and friends living at the matrimonial home. And left her with no choice but to leave their matrimonial home with her son and moved back to Mombasa on or about June 2019.

Amina had filed for petition on January 2021. She said that the singer has not been consistent in providing maintenance and upkeep for her and the baby.

Amina also noted that Kiba would only provide after a back and forth between them.

family photo

She also said Kiba did not provide any maintenance or prenatal care during her pregnancy with their firstborn. And he remained utterly uninterested in his child’s well-being and hers.

Kiba even failed to clear my hospital bill for the birth of our child and left the same to be shouldered by me,” she said in her verifying affidavit filed before the court.

Amina added that Kiba would be verbally abusive to her in front of his friends, contributing to her stress and depression.

She said that the union with Kiba has broken down irreparably and no human intervention can salvage it and that it is in the interest of justice that the same be dissolved.


Amina has demanded Sh 200,000 monthly maintenance for the upkeep of their two children. And also wants him to pay for a medical cover for his children.

Kiba was given 15 days to reply by the Kadhi court on February 10, 2022.

The news comes a day after Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho granted his estranged wife divorce.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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