Singer and self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee is without a doubt the talk of the town.This is after throwing a very expensive graduation party for her first born daughter.

So we are all aware that Akothee has for the longest time worn the single mothers cap. And she has won it gracefully with pride.

Akothee’s firstborn daughter finally graduated from Strathmore University and a mega bash was thrown to celebrate the achievements.

The single mother could not hide her joy as she penned down very beautiful messages to her daughter, Vesha.

I have put wisdom/knowledge in you. You don’t go to school to get employed, you go to school to earn wisdom & knowledge & learn some manners, and know-how to relate with people. It’s not the degree that you carry around that will earn you a living, it’s what you do with the degree that will earn you both respect, opportunities, and employment. Wrote Akothee on her Instagram.

You are a disgrace to yourself

So Madam Boss went out of her way to invite celebrities to her daughter’s graduation party at Kempinski.

The mother of five invited Lilian Muli, Mc Jessy, Bahati, Ofweneke and the one and only PLO Lumumba among others. During the party, Akothee took the mic and blasted some of the guests. She later posted about it on her Instagram.

Being a single mother is not a status- Akothee

The president of single mothers shocked many as she invited her ex to the party. She took to Instagram to advise her fans that divorce doesn’t have to be ugly.

The mother of five went ahead to talk about being a single mother. The dos and the don’ts.

Being a single mother is a full-time and sensitive job to take. Said Akothee.

A proper Single mother takes full charge & responsibility for her life and the life of her children.
Accept your relationship failed.
Forgive yourself and work on yourself.
Embrace your children and imagine the other partner is not existing.
Never deny your partner access to his/ her children you will never heal,(it’s called maturity).
Work on yourself than you work on your Job.
Live within your means & let your children’s bills be your priority another minority. Never use your children as an emotional bait to get back on your past relationships, you are hurting the children, it’s not their fault you people fell out. That is their biological father it can never change.
Hide your tears from the children, unless unavoidable.
Love yourself more, take good care of yourself for you to look beautiful and presentable always

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