A few weeks ago, a lady friend to Prezzo’s baby mama reached out to the tea master, Edgar Obare, and disclosed that the retired rapper had been physically assaulting his baby mama.

The friend added that Prezzo had recently beaten the girl so much that she was admitted to the hospital. She also added that the reason for the beating was the fact that the baby mama was pregnant with Prezzo’s second child. But Prezzo wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy and wanted the lady to procure an abortion.

In a screenshot seen on telegram, the baby mama identified as Bella shared her side of the story. She disclosed that when she found out she was pregnant in November, Prezzo was against it.

We decided to get rid of the baby secretly without the baby or anyone noticing. She said. One day he came home drunk and began beating me and insulting me for no reason. And also told his mom that I had aborted his child. She added.


Bella divulged that that was the beginning of a long toxic journey. She says that a month later, she noted she still had a pregnancy signs. And the doctor recommended that she repeats the abortion procedure again.

However, months later the pregnancy signs were still there. It was at that juncture she secretly went to the hospital. Shock on her when she found out she was four months pregnant. But she was vehemently advised against trying another abortion.

Bella says that when he informed him of the turn of events, he got super angry and wanted to force her to go through the same process. When she refused he assured her that her life was going to be hell in that house.

Prezzo’s family

Prezzo’s side of the story

When the tea master reached out to the Kasarani hopeful for his side of the story, he was quick to mention that he had a lot to share. And was even requesting Edgar to call him. But he declined.

Sharing his side of the story, Prezzo said that his baby mama was mentally sick.

This woman would go to nightclubs and come back early in the morning. I had no issue with that. Because there was no love from the word go hence her last kicks of a dying donkey. He said.

The rapper said that the lady checked herself into the hospital with no health condition. But was only seeking attention. After two days in the hospital without getting the attention she was looking for, she asked her relatives to get their daughter who was with his mother.

Prezzo and Bella

He went on to narrate how crazy his baby mama is. He said he has never laid a finger on her. If I was violent to her, don’t you think she would have reported the matter to the police and have a p3?

As a result, Prezzo refused to foot his baby mama’s bill until he received a written apology to his mother whom she had hurled insults.

The rapper went ahead to boast of how nice and loving he is. Any woman who has interacted with me can tell you exactly what kind of a man I am. I’ll tell you for free, Romeo and Alejandro have nothing on me.

Mr Romeo

Prezzo also shared pictures of himself, the baby mama and their child. They look absolutely happy in all the pics. And in one video, he is seen massaging the lady’s feet. How many Kenyan men do you know massages their baby mama’s feet in public? He boastingly asked Edgar then answered himself. Don’t worry, I’ll let you think of any.

As at the time of writing this article, I can not tell whether Bella is out of the hospital or not. And whether or not they solved issues with Prezzo.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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