Life decided to call me Baba Mboga and working for Edgar Obare makes me think I’m Jay shetty.

Jay Shetty… yeah

Remember this guy?

“Before you take a piss watch this.”

I understand that not everyone is a gamer…

But one thing I do understand is that you my friend…are humans

Humans relate… and you choosing not to sounds like a you problem.

In which case I bid you farewell?


Let’s resume this with a really common line every gamer has heard from their parent/ authoritative figure once in a while.

“Sijai elewa kwanini you spend that much time on video games.”

“Those things will rot your brain.”

“Unajua Matheri alianza hivi?”

But it was so fun… so exhilarating…

Here’s one thing I’m sure because my parents don’t know because they didn’t play videogames..


The initial concept is borrowed but aren’t all good ideas just that?


Alexander Graham bell calling dibs on the first phone would mean we wouldn’t be where we are currently,

No Samsung, iPhone… nothing.

Because ideas are shared,

Ideas are improved

And the improvements to those improvements improved.

Which is the main purpose of this.

“I don’t play videogames so I wouldn’t understand.”

Simmer down… simmer down..

Calm thy mammaries and let me just get to it.

Hopefully this should work out just great.

RPGs (Role Playing Games) as an approach to life.

So I don’t know about most of you,

But if any of you has played games like Fallout 3, The Sims etc you get what I’m on about.

You basically start off at birth with nothing.

No weapons, no armor.

Just the clothes on your back.

As the game progresses, you are introduced to other characters that build or break your character et…

Fine! Jesus…

As you upgrade your character, your traits and skills tend to go higher as well.

You get new weapons, go to different parts of the map,

You’re able to buy clothes and armor.

Basically turning you from this

To this…


I mean its’s just a video game right?

I could just… you know.

Buy a level 20 gun to use as a player with level 1 armor.


All gamers know how that works out

Or here’s another example for whoever gets it.

You know that one player that has all the damn skins/guns in Call Of Duty but can’t shoot for shit?

yeah… don’t be that guy….

Or at least don’t be in a squad of those guys because you’ll become that guy sooner or later.

I ended up watching the whole video.

Back to the point…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell what I’m onto here.

Albeit not the way you might’ve expected.

Life kinda works in the same way.

I mean it’s pretty obvious right?

What was the whole point of the post anyway?

“Don’t buy level 20 guns for a level 1 player.

Here’s another example for the boomers/non gamers

Remember how incompetent school nurses were back in public schools?

“Naumwa na kichwa”… white painkillers

“I think I dislocated my shoulder.”…white painkillers

“My leg literally has an internal fracture”… white painkillers whilst trying to convince you that it’ll be alright.

No investigation, nothing.

I mean sure… she’s treating the symptoms with all positive intent, right?

But it is kinda annoying.


Now look inward.

Here’s a question most of us have asked so it should be somewhat relatable.

A life altering question?

How do I deal with this protruding tummy?

Do you:

A) Actually deal with the heart of the problem or…

B) Do you just buy bigger Tshirts/ waist trainers?

C) Go sign up for detox therapy and “test proven slimming teas.”

As long as “they” can’t see them it’s all good right?

Bs.. Cs

Yeah, sure… Instant gratification.

But at the end of the day,

Tshirts grow old,

Waist trainers do whatever they do but you’ll have to face yourself at the end of the day.

“hE cAN’t SaY tHaT!!! tHaT’s bOdyShaMInG.”

Meh… everything is subject to different interpretation and in all honestly,

Irriz warririz


How about this?

Instead of getting defensive everytime someone talks about something you’re insecure about.

Have you ever though about yourself and working on making you a better person?

I mean, really doing it for yourself.

Learning how your brain and body work by physical and mental exercise.

Literally becoming that person you wanna be in 2021.

Heck… be that person you wanna be in life.

Get a friend with a strong opinion for accountability purposes and grind your way there.

Get mad.

Kasirika nanii.

Be mad at yourself for not being that person you always wanted to be,

Now take that frustration and pour it out into a routine,

A diet,

A book.

Blur all the noise out and focus on one thing.


Quit the quick dopamine fixes in drugs (yes… alcohol too booboo) because here’s the thing,

Feeding habits only makes them grow.

And idk about you but I have never heard of a junkie happy with their life

So would you rather stop now when you can take 4 shots and get buzzed or in 2 years when you’ll need a tranquilizer to put you to sleep?

Don’t let a flawed society fuck up your view on life because it has so much more to offer.

Na nimeenda.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

Mark Twain.

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