Former Churchill Show Comedian Peter Wamwea famously known as Consumator is currently a caretaker. And has come out to plead with Kenyans and well-wishers to support him.

Consumator joins a long list of former comedians whose careers went down the drain. A good number of them have reported battling depression, drug abuse, and financial problems.

So speaking in a recent interview, Consumator disclosed that his life took a drastic turn in 2019 when his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He added that things were got even worse in 2020 when Covid-19 sprouted up. As a result, his business and comedy career came to a sudden halt.


Consumator revealed that as his family’s breadwinner, he used up all his savings to cater to his dad’s treatment.

At some point, he said he was even forced to sell most of his household items. ‘…After undergoing surgery, he has been going for checkups at least once a week. I had to sell everything in myself to pay for my dad‘s treatment.’ he said.

He also added that he later moved in with a friend and agreed to share the cost. But he could barely raise the three thousand shillings they had agreed upon. This caused a lot of friction between him and his friend as he had rent arrears for four months. His friend in an embarrassing scene kicked him out at night.


Nearing a dead end, Consumator reached out to fellow comedians and friends who did not give a single hoot about his situation.

It was during that season that a good Samaritan from his church offered to offer him a job as a caretaker. He says that is where he has been getting his daily bread since. But he also does casual labor.

I need help- Consumator

Consumator is now pleading with Kenyans to help him resume his comedy career. ‘If you have jobs or events contact me. The little I will get from mceeing will help me get back on my feet.’

He has however clarified that he does not his job as a caretaker. Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote:

Guys, I have no problem being a caretaker. I do it with happiness and smile. I have no problem at all doing vibarua kwa shamba. Anything that would help me raise whatever money for my dad’s illness, I will do it with stride and gratitude.

What do you think happens to celebs after fame?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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