Former comedian Eric Omondi has been accused by his personal stylist Melina Gold of not paying her.

Melina had last year called out singer Masauti for not paying her as well after styling him for a music video shoot.

Talking directly to Edgar Obare, a distraught Melina gave details of how Eric has been engaging her in a cat and mouse race for the money.

The accusations

In screenshots of their chats seen by this writer, Gold is seen reminding Eric constantly about his dues. Eric like the joker he is, brushes her off with numerous excuses. He cries that he is broke and has no money. Despite him parading a flashy lifestyle online. He is always doing shows and even recently bought his little-known girlfriend Lynne a Vitz.

So Melina wondered how he could buy a car yet he owes her nearly 400k.

Melina also revealed that Eric owed several other people money. In one instance, he is been begged to pay for shoes worth 4k. He had been flaunting the shoes online even though he had not paid for them.

He has been in debt, so I tried to understand that he is broke. Remember even his mechanic exposed him? He even owes shoe sellers. And owes the videographer for Miss P’s video shoot. Said Melina


Melina added that Eric had lied to her and her partner that someone broke into his house and stole money stored in a tank. So they were wondering how someone stole any money yet he was crying that he was broke.

The super stylist went on to add that from a total of 424,400 shillings, he only paid her a hundred thousand. She tried to come up with a payment plan with him by unfortunately he has not been delivered.

Melina complained that Eric does not pick up her calls or respond to texts. He has money to buy a car but he can’t clear his debts. It’s not fair. She lamented.

Eric and Melina

In various screenshots of their conversation, Gold reminds Eric of his debt to which he calmly responds saying he will pay.

Babe, I simply don’t know how to explain to you that I don’t have that kind of money at the moment. He tells her as he requests a two monthly agreement. It will be favorable and easy on me. Coz there are other people that I owe.

Babe, I owe a lot of people money. So I’m saving for at least a month and a half so that I sort everyone. Just be patient. He pleaded.

Eric responds

Over the months later, Melina has never received a penny from Eric. That’s why she reached out to Edgar. When Edgar reached out to Eric for a comment about the same, he said he was unaware of the debt as he called the young lass a hoe.

I honestly don’t think I owe her money. I have worked with her well for a long time and I always pay her. We only had a problem when she sent me an invoice of 470k for squid game tracksuits. Argued Eric

Edgar demanded to know if the two had an agreement and whether Eric is really broke as she claimed.

Melina is trying to trend so bad. Said Eric. Don’t let this hoe waste your time Edgar, you have better things to do. He continued leaving Edgar confused as to why he would call her names.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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